Monday, November 19, 2018

101 Podcasts Before the Crash

It seems like a new podcast is being released every day.  What started out as a trickle several years ago has become a flood.  The formerly niche medium has become big business, with the hippest companies convincing podcast hosts to read their advertisements in the first person ("Let me tell you why I love this mattress...").  Some podcasts have vaulted obscure people to fame, and others are hosted by lions of the "old" media who are trying to re-boot their careers or stave off irrelevance.

The frenzy makes me wonder whether we have reached "peak podcast."  Are podcasts a fad that will burn out like the CB craze of the 1970s - or will they be eclipsed like social media has done to blogs?

Just in case the podcast bubble is about to burst, my friend Nick Hamlin and I have put together a list of 101 podcasts that we hope someone - anyone - will create before the crash.  (Nick came up with the best ones).  Please take this as permission from us to steal the titles and start releasing episodes:

1.         Some call it a rut, I call it my groove
2.          I’m not sure if I have a point, but hear me out.
3.         The opposite of elitist
4.         Oh my God, would you listen to this?
5.         I like it, but my wife, she don’t like it
6.         I just got in from Lumberton, and I just don’t know.
7.         A fine mess.
8.         Tautologies and Profundities
9.         Up to a point
10.       Not too much, Not too little
11.       Mistakes were made, but challenges remain
12.       If you look at it from exactly the right angle…
13.       CouldBe
14.       MaybeMaybeNot
15.       ConfirmingMyBias
16.       A Sample of One
17.       Unbiased But With a Variance of Infinity (HT Jeff Hammer)
18.       Optimizing Around the Wrong Mean
19.       Embroidering on the Head of a Pin
20.       Much Ado About the Wrong Thing
21.       What Is The Role of Intelligence
22.       Things We Used to Think (and Might Again in the Future)
23.       What Do We Know, and How Do We Know It?
24.       How Should I Know?
25.       Maybe I am Wrong
26.       Fifty-one Percent
27.       Until Proven Wrong
30.       Not The View of the Author
31.       Stealing Home
32.       Causation, not Correlation
33.       Eating My Own Dog Food
34.       Less Quantity, More Quality
35.       Less quality, more quantity
36.       Mean Time to Moron
37.       Push to Failure
38.       It all boils down to this
39.       I heard you the first time
40.       It’s really hard to say
41.       Not too much, not too little
42.       It all depends on how you look at it
43.       All multi-verses considered
44.       How should I know?
45.       It’s not fair
46.       Why doesn’t everyone understand how great I am?
47.       Dear in the headlights
48.       All cowbell, all the time. 
49.       Life is a 2x2 Matrix
50.       I See Your Point but I am Not Convinced.
51.       Your Behavior Doesn’t Fit My Model so You Must Be Irrational
52.       100 Reasons THAT Won’t Work. 
53.       You Don’t Know What it’s Like
54.       BĂȘtise, mode d’emploi
55.       Charlatan or genius I not sure. 
56.       Ex and Not Ex. 
57.       So many podcast ideas so little time
58.       An n of pi
59.       Works or Grace
60.       Given that I’ve been wrong before, what’s the likelihood I am wrong now
61.       Let’s find the root cause and tell someone to do an intervention
62.       It’s my way or the driveway
63.       Where you sit depends on where you sit. 
64.       If you listen, I will mansplain it to you. 
65.       Since geniuses are absent-minded, and I am also absent-minded, I am a genius. 
66.       I will try to be brief but I have something profound to say so it may take a while and you may not understand it. 
67.       Long pauses, deep thought, and intelligence. 
68.       Economists without garters
69.       Wars we have not waged
70.       It’s easier to see the flaws in my argument if you don’t agree with me. 
71.       The Pod with No Name 
72.       What If?
73.       How much Type II Error Can We Handle?
74.       Neither Meat nor Motion
75.       Turtles all the way down
76.       NP is not so hard
78.       Figures and grounds
79.       "Ceci n'est pas une blog"
80.       Searching under the grid
81.       In God we trust.  All others, bring data (HT Deming)
82.       Live the questions now (HT Rilke)
83.       Cargo cult science(HT Feynman)
84.       Who's missing?
85.       Wake up and Fight (HT Guthrie)
86.       Giving away my legos
87.       A Garden of Type 0 Errors
88.       Linearity is a lie
89.       p=0.06
91.       How much are you willing to bet on that?
94.       You ain't gonna need that
95.       Bizarre cathedrals
96.       The readiness is all
97.       This one weird trick is a weird trick
98.       Good/Fast/Cheap: pick 3
99.       Updating my priors
100.    Common tragedies of the commons

Some of above are from this blog post