Friday, December 11, 2015

100 Days of Gratitude, Day 41: Angus Deaton

The first course I took in grad school in 1983 was from Angus Deaton, who just won the Nobel in Economics.

He taught me to:

  • think clearly and plainly about the big questions
  • avoid complexity when simplicity suffices
  • always, always, always re-examine my assumptions and conclusions

But most important, he taught me - by his own example - to be strive to be humane and humble in the service of trying to do good.

PS: And if you want to know what kind of person he is, just watch the 4 minutes starting at 33:00, where he first describes his debt to specific people he has worked with, and then describes his debt (including sartorial!) to the giants on whose shoulder he has stood.